Lead UX Designer and CX Team Lead at Elastic Grid, blogger on Blurb Hack, ranter at Spowtr, poet and asker of questions at Caffeine & Concrete, runner, metalhead, football enthusiast and pinhole cameraman. Master of none... okay, maybe one?

employers / peers / clients

Companies and entities who I have worked for and/or with as a graphic and UX designer.

Elastic Grid is a powerful B2B marketing solution, offering vendors a way to reach end customers through its channel partners. Working as Lead UX Designer and Design Team Lead.

B2B Marketing Agency creating co-branded email and social campaigns for the world's leading I.T. vendors. Working as Design Team Lead.

World's largest vertically integrated shopping center company. Worked as Senior Web Designer on westfield.com.au.

World's largest Tabletop Wargaming company. Worked as Graphic Designer.

Games Workshop's monthly hobby suppliment magazine. Worked on as Graphic Designer.

South Australia based Point of Sale software. I designed and developed the company website as well as a prototype reservation system for their product offering.

curriculum vitae

I am currently the Lead UX Designer at Elastic Grid (Elastic Digital PTY LTD), a leading b2b marketing platform which enables clients to empower their partners to market new products and services to their customer base. My responsibilty is to design solutions and user experience workflows for application features and improve the usability through problem analysis, user testing and quantative feedback gathered via tracking tools.

Previous to my role at Elastic Digital, I was the Senior Designer for westfield.com.au, leading visual designs for the company's online shopping platform after having servered as a web designer for the company's earlier online properties for serveral years. My responsibilites included new site and feature design as well as any and all applicable graphic design support.

The design and launch of Westfield Online in 2010, The Westfield Group corporate site in 2008 and the 2009 re-launch of What's What were some of the major projects I worked on during my Westfield career. Merchandising and supporting the active online retailers was also a day to day responsibility which included site promos and eDM design.

Shortly after completing my studies I worked in-house for Games Workshop Oz PTY LTD where my responsibilities ranged from internal communication and staff resources to event branding and White Dwarf Magazine (the company's hobby suppliment) article layouts.


Lead UX Designer & Team Lead, Elastic Grid
January 2013 - Present

Senior Designer & Team Lead, Elastic Digital
October 2012 - 2013

Senior Designer, Westfield Digital Business
August 2007 - October 2012

Graphic Designer, Games Workshop OZ PTY LTD
January 2005 - July 2007

Graphic Designer, Insomnia Marketing and Communication
Part Time August - December 2004


Graphic Design - Advanced Diploma
Design Centre Enmore 2002 - 2004

Design Fundamentals - Certificate IV
Design Centre Enmore 2001

South Australian Certificate of Education
St. Michael's College 1996-2000


caffeine & concrete

Beginning life as some concrete poerty after a healthy dose of inspiration by fellow Adelaidian #thewriting, Caffeine & Concrete evolved into what hope will be an onging magazine style interview series with people who are (for lack of a better term) getting shit done. The magazine layouts are very much influenced by concrete poerty layout and I try to bring the interviewee's words of wisdom out with a healthy dose of typograph fun.

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Spowtr is a social blogging site allowing people to join (for free) and post opinion pieces on any topic they like. The rationale was that I wanted to have a place where I could post articles on various subjects (social, entertainment, design, etc) but not maintain an on-going blog). I decided to build a user platform which would allow me to do this, but also be open to the public to enrich the content available. The project has also been a great learning experience.

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blurb hack.

Blurb Hack was born as a simple project to enhance my html, css and php skills. Rather than do a bunch of isolated tutorials or build a site filled with placeholder images and "lorem ipsum" I decided that I would build a place to post book reviews (being a big reader). The site now included cover concept of each book I review and is open to others to submit reviews. 3 years on and I have used the agile methodology with out even knowing it. The site has grown from a static review site to now run of a CMS and offers a shop where notebooks with my cover designs are available through blurb.com

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